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Reasons to Invest
in Hotel Rooms

Reasons to Invest in Hotel Rooms with Barrows Hospitality.jpeg

Why Hotel Room Investments Should Be Your Next Venture

When considering real estate investments, delving into the unique opportunity of purchasing hotel room units can prove to be a lucrative endeavor. This avenue holds particular appeal for small-scale investors seeking market entry and portfolio diversification.

Investment Opportunities

30% Guaranteed Rental Income Returns

Invest from $250.000 and join 30% Guaranteed Rental Income Returns on the Net Night Rate. 

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How does this investment model operate?

Leading hotel and resort developers often invite investors to buy units within their properties to raise funds or foster growth. Investing in these units mirrors buying shares in a company, with each unit offering value, anticipated returns, payment schedules, and added benefits.

Post-acquisition, the investor leases the room back to the hotel operator, who, upon generating profits based on occupancy and revenue, dispenses returns to investors akin to dividends.


What makes hotel room investments so appealing?

Compared to various investments, especially in real estate, hotel room acquisitions boast a myriad of advantages, including lower risk exposure, heightened returns, and substantial ROI through passive income and asset appreciation," explains Erwin Jager, from Barrows Hospitality and Leisure Group, renowned for its specialization in extensive hotel and resort projects across the Middle East and Africa.

For prospective property investors, here are the reasons why hotel and resort units stand out as a premier investment opportunity:

Lower Entry Point: Hotel room acquisitions, starting as low as $250,000, offer a more affordable investment avenue compared to luxury homes or units, catering to small-scale investors eager to diversify their portfolios or lacking the capital for conventional property purchases.|

Enhanced Yields: Hotel units typically yield 3-4 times higher returns than apartments, condos, or houses. Unlike residential investments riddled with ongoing fees, hotel room investors can anticipate returns exceeding 10% without the burden of constant charges or reliance on tenants.

Reduced Risks: Investing in established hotel brands offers an inherently safer investment terrain compared to stocks or other properties, given the brand's reputation and operational track record.

Hassle-Free Experience: Leasing your room to the hotel operator alleviates the customary responsibilities associated with property ownership, from maintenance and cleaning to guest management — all competently overseen by the hotel's management.

Assured Passive Income: Hotel room investments assure returns irrespective of occupancy levels, guaranteeing a steady flow of passive income contingent on the operator's performance.

Minimal Ongoing Costs: Unlike traditional property purchases with a host of associated fees and expenses, hotel room acquisitions entail minimal purchasing costs, ensuring a streamlined investment process.

Capital Appreciation: Strategically located hotels proffer high resale values owing to meticulous site selection and feasibility studies, promising substantial returns upon divestment.

Stability Amid Market Fluctuations: While conventional property markets are prone to economic shifts, hotel investments rely on tourism trends, thereby offering stability against market volatilities.

Flexible Investment Options: Diverse room types within larger hotels cater to varied investment preferences, enabling investors to tailor their investment strategies to suit their capital and objectives.

Holiday Perks: Beyond financial returns, investors enjoy complimentary or discounted stays at the hotel, enriching their investment experience with exclusive benefits.

Global Accessibility: Hotel room investments welcome international investors, offering ownership rights and income opportunities without the complexities often associated with foreign property ownership.

In addition to the aforementioned perks, certain developers extend enticing bonuses such as guaranteed returns during the construction phase and buyback guarantees post a specified ownership period, providing additional layers of security and return potential for investors.

For those seeking a hands-off investment with passive income streams and minimal risk, hotel room investments present a compelling option with reduced fees and simplified processes. Explore our range of hotel unit investment opportunities and unlock the wealth of benefits they entail.

Investor Benefits: Embark on your investment journey with prices starting from US $250,000, assured annual rental income of 30%, flexible payment terms, and complimentary 14-day stays annually in your hotel room.

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Reasons to Invest in Hotel Rooms.jpeg

The Right Address

Have you considered investing in hotel rooms for your next real estate venture? At Barrows Hospitality, we offer an exclusive opportunity for investors to own units within our luxurious hotels and resorts. We are a one-stop-shopping-point with access to tax-professionals, Legal services and even for the formation of an investment holding, you are at the right address.

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