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We Give Away a Brand-New
Mercedes G800 Brabus

Brabus G800 Give Away Promotion Barrows Hospitality.jpeg

Are you the lucky one who drives away with a Brand-New Mercedes G800 Brabus 2024?

It's very simple! Buy an Hotel Room in 2024 with Barrows Hospitality in Dubai. Are you the one who is the 100st. buyer? Than you will receive a brand-new Mercedes-Benz G800 Brabus for free*.

Mercedes G800 Brabus


For Mercedes-Benz owners who demand more than the "best or nothing," tuning companies like Brabus step in to meet those specific needs. One remarkable offering from Brabus is the 2021 Mercedes-Benz AMG G800, a super SUV designed for any terrain. The Brabus 800 package enhances the already impressive performance of the AMG G63 SUV by boosting its power to 800-hp. This upgrade allows the Mercedes-Benz AMG G800 to accelerate from zero to 60 mph in just 4.1 seconds, with a top speed limited to 150 mph. Additionally, the Brabus package features a striking body kit with widened fenders, unique bumpers, and a high-performance stainless steel exhaust system. 

Mercedes G800 Brabus Give Away Promotion Barrows Hospitality.png.jpeg

Experience unparalleled luxury with Barrows Hospitality's extraordinary offer!

Experience luxury like never before with Barrows Hospitality's exclusive offer! Be the lucky buyer of the 100th hotel room in Dubai and drive away in a Brand New Mercedes G800 Brabus. Register today and secure your luxurious hotel room for just $250,000.

Not only will you enjoy 30% guaranteed returns from rental income, but you'll also receive 14 days of free stay annually in your very own hotel room. Don't miss this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to invest in opulence and luxury with Barrows Hospitality.

Register now and elevate your lifestyle. Maybe you're the lucky one!

*Check the terms and conditions below!

Terms and Conditions Give Away Promotion 2024 Mercedes Brabus G800

Here are the updated terms and conditions (03-2024) for the promotion offered by Barrows Hospitality:

  1. Barrows Hospitality is offering a brand new Mercedes Benz G800 Brabus to the individual or company (hereinafter referred to as the receiver) who purchases the 100th hotel room from Barrows Hospitality in 2024.

  2. The promotion will commence on 4th March 2024 and will conclude as soon as the 100th hotel room is sold and the buyer has transferred the funds for the transfer of the hotel room.

  3. If there is no 100th buyer in 2024, the promotion will automatically end on 31st December 2024.

  4. All sold and paid hotel rooms will be registered in the give away promotion register called Promotion Brabus G800 03-2024.

  5. Barrows Hospitality is only counting and registering sold and paid rooms. The hotel room which is sold under number 100 will be registered as the receiver of the give away promotion.

  6. Only completed transfers, where the purchase of the hotel room is successfully done and funds are transferred, will be considered as valid transactions. Incomplete transactions will not be eligible for the promotion.

  7. The recipient of the brand-new Mercedes Benz G800 Brabus will be the party who buys and pays for the 100th hotel room from Barrows Hospitality.

  8. The receiving party is responsible for all costs related to the service, maintenance, road taxes, and any other expenses associated with the car after receiving it from Barrows Hospitality.

  9. Barrows Hospitality will deliver the Mercedes Benz G800 Brabus for free without any charges for transportation only within the United Arab Emirates. If the receiver wishes to transport the car to another country, all costs related to transportation, shipment, customs, insurances, and taxes will be borne by the receiving party.

  10. The receiving party is accountable for the registration of the car and must manage all payments related to the registration process.

  11. The receiving party can't request about colour and specifications.

  12. It is not possible to have the value of the Mercedes Brabus G800 paid out in a cash amount by bank, crypto or cash. Barrows Hospitality is only giving away the car as a gift to the party that purchases the 100th hotel room from Barrows Hospitality in 2024.

  13. Any form of liability of third parties towards Barrows Hospitality is expressly rejected. Barrows Hospitality accepts no liability whatsoever from third parties who believe they have a claim on this promotion while that party or parties cannot prove this.

  14. The promotion only applies to the party who purchases the 100th hotel room from Barrows in 2024, agrees to this in writing and then pays. Only a transaction agreed in writing followed by full payment is considered a fully completed transaction for the purpose of awarding the 100th room to a purchasing party. 

Barrows Hospitality reserves the right to modify or amend these terms and conditions at its sole discretion and will publish this on this page.

All decisions made by Barrows Hospitality concerning the promotion are final.

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Are You the Lucky One?

Step into luxury like never before with Barrows Hospitality in Dubai! Be the lucky 100th buyer of a hotel room and drive away in style with a brand new Mercedes G800 Brabus. Indulge in opulence, sophistication, and a touch of glamour with your new exquisite getaway and a breathtaking ride to match. Your dream vacation just got a whole lot dreamier - only with Barrows Hospitality.

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