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Hotel room investments are designed for individuals who seek minimal involvement in property management.

Welcome to the world of hotel room investments—an increasingly popular avenue for those seeking passive income and long-term financial growth. At our investment firm, we offer you the opportunity to invest in individual hotel rooms within operational, well-established hotels, providing you with a hassle-free investment experience and promising returns.

Investment Opportunities

30% Guaranteed Rental Income Returns

Invest in Hotel Rooms and join 30% Guaranteed Rental Income Returns on the Net Night Rate. 

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Invest in a thriving market with hotel room investments in Dubai. Dubai's booming tourism

What is Hotel Room Investment?

Investing in a hotel room involves purchasing an individual room within an operational hotel with the aim of becoming the leaseholder. This allows the investor to generate income from the room over a specified period. The hotel operator is responsible for managing the room, taking care of tasks such as finding guests, changing linens, and cleaning rooms. In return, investors are typically assigned a 99-year lease for the room and offered an assured return on their investment, often for 5 or 10 years, with the potential for high guaranteed income returns, sometimes reaching up to 30% over the NET Night Rate.

What is Hotel Room Investment?
The concept of investing in hotel rooms is not a new one. Initially, it started off with a "timeshare style" approach, where wealthy American individuals would often purchase hotel rooms in Europe to ensure availability in their favorite hotels while on holiday. However, hotel room investment has evolved significantly over time.

Today, the appeal of investing in hotel rooms lies in the attractive returns and the opportunity to invest in an established, operational business that is already generating a profit. Hotel room investments can consistently provide returns of up to 10% per annum.

Over the past 50 years, this concept has gained significant momentum. While hotel investments were previously limited to the wealthy, they have become more accessible to a wider range of investors and can offer higher returns compared to traditional buy-to-let investments.

The Hotel Room Purchase Process

Purchasing a hotel room as an investment is as straightforward as, if not easier than, buying any other property. The process remains similar, but there are some additional benefits with hotel room investment, as you'll learn shortly.

This investment option is ideal for individuals seeking minimal involvement and desiring a passive income stream. Once the hotel room is acquired, its management falls under the responsibility of the hotel operator and developer, and the quarterly or annual income (depending on the project) is paid into the investor's designated bank account.

To ensure security, the client's funds will be held until evidence is provided that the hotel has been acquired. Subsequently, the new or prospective owners will engage an agency to market the sale of the individual rooms. Typically, hotel rooms within a 5-star international hotel brand will cost around USD 250,000.

The sales agent will conduct rigorous due diligence, including confirming the robustness of the signed option, checking the land registry to verify ownership, and reviewing the management company and the hotel's financial forecasts and trading history. After all necessary checks are completed, the rooms are sold to individual investors.

Upon completion, the owners or developers will reach out to welcome the investors as their new clients and to request bank details for return payments. They will also confirm payment dates. Subsequent communication should be established directly between the hotel owners and the investors.

Legal registration of the lease of the hotel room in the investor's name at the Land Registry Office makes them the legal owner, providing a secure ownership similar to that of a regular apartment. After this process, the room is handed over to the management company, which will oversee the hotel's operations to ensure the fulfillment of rental guarantee payments.

Management of an Hotel Room

After the completion of the hotel room, the management company operating the hotel assumes full responsibility for your room through a sublease arrangement. They take charge of the general upkeep and day-to-day maintenance of the hotel.

It's essential for investors to conduct thorough research to ensure that the chosen management company is capable of effectively managing their hotel.

Look for management companies with a successful track record of managing existing hotel portfolios, ideally with experience in the region of the purchased hotel. While the hotel operator oversees daily operations, it's important to note that the guaranteed income is assured by the developer/owners of the hotel, not by the operator.

The operator typically generates sufficient income to pay investors, but in rare instances of shortfall, the developer steps in to supplement any deficit.

Furthermore, the management company is responsible for marketing the hotel to maximize occupancy within the target market. They also handle room furnishing, maintenance, and repairs, ensuring that all rooms are maintained to a high standard.

Earn an Income from Hotel Room Investments
If the hotel is managed effectively, it will generate revenue, and depending on the specific hotel property, the developer will establish a method for advance payment of your income. Each hotel varies, but most developers typically agree to pay a fixed return, often reaching as high as 10% per annum. These returns are typically paid quarterly, semi-annually, or annually in arrears, with rental assurance periods ranging from 5 to 25 years, based on the opportunity.

Under the agreed contractual terms, all investors receive the stated rental assurance amount regardless of the hotel's generated revenue. If these payments are not made, it constitutes a breach of contract, and legal action can be taken.

Income payments are usually directed to a nominated bank account of your choice, whether domestic or overseas. However, it's important to note that there might be a small transfer fee deducted from the income for overseas accounts. Consequently, the received income may be slightly less than the agreed amount with the hotel owners.

In nearly all hotels offering rooms for investment, the quoted returns are NET, indicating that all operational costs and expenses are deducted before the rent is paid to investors. Consequently, within the rental assurance period, there are typically no ongoing costs for investors to consider.

Hotel room investments are designed for individuals who seek minimal involvement in property management and desire an income stream without the day-to-day responsibilities of traditional real estate ownership. By becoming a leaseholder of a hotel room, you are tapping into the potential of the hospitality industry while benefiting from the expertise of hotel operators and developers.

Once you've secured your investment, the management of your hotel room falls under the responsibility of an experienced hotel operator and developer. They handle the general upkeep, maintenance, and the operational aspects of the hotel, ensuring that investors receive a steady income stream as agreed upon.

With rental assurance periods typically ranging from 5 to 25 years, you can expect fixed returns, often reaching up to 10% per annum, paid out quarterly, semi-annually, or annually. 
For added peace of mind, all investors are guaranteed the stated rental assurance amount, irrespective of the hotel's generated revenue. Furthermore, income payments are conveniently channeled to your nominated bank account, whether local or international.

It's important to note that the returns quoted are often NET, meaning that operational costs and expenses are deducted before the rental income reaches you. You can rest assured that within the rental assurance period, there are typically no ongoing costs for investors to handle.

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Why Hotel Rooms?

Embark on this exciting investment journey with us and discover the potential of hotel room investments. Whether you're new to investment or a seasoned investor, this opportunity is designed to build a solid, long-term income source while diversifying your investment portfolio.

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