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Collaboration Between Barrows and Damac

DAMAC Properties' exceptional track record in developing world-class hotel properties seam

As the managing broker, Barrows Hospitality takes pride in delivering a range of exclusive benefits to investors looking to set foot in Dubai's booming hospitality industry.

At Barrows Hospitality, we understand the value of a strategic collaboration, and our alliance with DAMAC Properties exemplifies the commitment to excellence and innovation in the Dubai hospitality sector. Through our comprehensive services, we ensure that our clients' investments are not only sound but also aligned with their individual financial goals and aspirations.

Investment Opportunities

30% Guaranteed Rental Income Returns

Invest from $250.000 and join 30% Guaranteed Rental Income Returns on the Net Night Rate. 

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Your Gateway to the Hotel Investments

Welcome to Barrows Hospitality, your gateway to exclusive investment opportunities in Dubai's thriving hospitality sector. We are proud to announce our strategic partnership with DAMAC Properties, a leading hotel property developer, to create unrivaled investment avenues for international investors.

With our expertise as the managing broker, Barrows Hospitality serves as the crucial link between DAMAC Properties, esteemed hotel operators, and foreign investors seeking premium real estate opportunities in Dubai. Through our collaboration, we offer a range of meticulously crafted investment options in some of the most prestigious hospitality developments across the city.

Our partnership with DAMAC Properties signifies a commitment to providing investors with unparalleled access to prime hotel properties in Dubai, supported by our deep industry knowledge and a dedication to delivering exceptional value. This exclusive cooperation opens the door to a world of opportunity, allowing investors to capitalize on the dynamic growth of Dubai's hospitality sector while ensuring a seamless and rewarding investment experience.

At Barrows Hospitality, we are dedicated to empowering our clients with comprehensive insights, personalized guidance, and access to a diverse portfolio of investment offerings. Our collaboration with DAMAC Properties amplifies our ability to offer a spectrum of investment options, tailored to meet the distinct needs of global investors seeking to engage in Dubai's vibrant hospitality market.

Take advantage of this exclusive alliance between Barrows Hospitality and DAMAC Properties to secure your stake in Dubai's flourishing hospitality landscape. Experience the ultimate blend of luxury, innovation, and investment potential as we embark on this exciting journey together.

New Radisson

Radisson Hotels Dubai

Damac Radisson Hotel perfect investment in Dubai
Barrows Hospitality is selling hotel rooms within Damac Radisson Hotels
Radisson Damac Hotels Dubai
To learn more about this exclusive collaboration and explore the myriad investment opportu

a Dream Team

DAMAC Properties' exceptional track record in developing world-class hotel properties seamlessly aligns with Barrows Hospitality's expertise as a managing broker. Together, they are bridging the gap between the developer, hotel operators, and foreign investors, offering a unique opportunity for those seeking unparalleled investment prospects in Dubai's thriving hospitality sector.

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